Deploy batch Spark functions with Mist, machine learning models with ML Lambda and observe the quality of end-to-end pipelines performance with Sonar.


Hydrosphere Mist is a multi tenant and multi user Spark Compute as a Service. It deploys batch functions as REST API endpoints and manages Spark clusters for effective and instant jobs execution. It facilitates developing analytics services and drives the adoption of data products across enterprise applications and end users.

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ML Lambda

ML Lambda is an opensource machine learning serving cluster for deploying machine learning models and ad-hoc algorithms. This enables you get your models up and running in an instant, on just about any infrastructure and using any of the available machine learning toolkits.

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Hydrosphere Sonar is a framework for quality assurance and monitoring for data pipelines and machine learning models. It uses uses machine learning and analytics methods for assuring quality of analytics applications.

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