Your AWS VPC, GCE or On-premise cluster Managed by

Move from proof of concept towards functioning, stable analytics services with internal or external users, regression and SLA requirements.

Reduce time-to-value by implementing releases for big data analytics products quickly and reliably.

Roll out devops-driven processes to the data scienсe and data analytics teams. Add visibility, control and automation to cowboy style releases.

No vendor lock. Host on and then migrate any portion of that on-site at any time.

Complementary to your existing Spark cluster, machine learning frameworks and cloud provider.

Open architecture and opensource components

Solid foundation and architecture. Cluster and resource management system for the platform, services, applications and environments.

Seamless and data-science-friendly integration of the platform layer, CI/CD pipeline, logs and metrics monitoring systems.

Tools and APIs that decouple layers and services to provide self service for all team members.

Hydrosphere Hosted comes with opensource products created by


Sonar - Data pipelines and machine learning models quality monitoring service.


Mist - Spark Compute as a Service.

ML Lambda

ML Lambda - Cluster for deployment and serving machine learning functions.

Sing up for hosted version