Invoke Applications

You can use on the following APIs to send prediction requests to your application:

Web-UI Test button

You can send a test request to the application from UI interface. Just open an application and press Test button. We will generate dummy input data based on your model’s contract and send an HTTP-request to API endpoint.


You can reach your application with an HTTP-request. Send a POST request to http://<host>/gateway/application/{applicationName}.


In order to send a prediction GRPC request you need to create a specific client. Gateway service exposes a PredictionService endpoint, so you can use it’s client.

import grpc 
import hydro_serving_grpc as hs  # pip install hydro-serving-grpc

# connect to your ML Lamba instance
channel = grpc.insecure_channel("<host>")
stub = hs.PredictionServiceStub(channel)

# 1. define a model, that you'll use
model_spec = hs.ModelSpec(name="model")

# 2. define tensor_shape for Tensor instance
tensor_shape = hs.TensorShapeProto(
    dim=[hs.TensorShapeProto.Dim(size=-1), hs.TensorShapeProto.Dim(size=2)])

# 3. define tensor with needed data
tensor = hs.TensorProto(dtype=hs.DT_DOUBLE, tensor_shape=tensor_shape, double_val=[1,1,1,1])

# 4. create PredictRequest instance
request = hs.PredictRequest(model_spec=model_spec, inputs={"x": tensor})

# call Predict method
result = stub.Predict(request)