This page describes our roadmap of feature incorporation into the platform.

API and integrations

  • External models support
    • Abstract model registration and metrics ingestion API
    • SageMaker models tailored integration
  • Model instrumentation SDK
  • Kubeflow upgrades and integrations
  • Metrics egress API
  • Alerting


  • Auto Outlier Detection [Tabular]
    • HBOS with predefined parameters
    • Hyperparameter candidates based on historical data & model
    • HBOS with grid search
    • Add LOOP and IsolationForest algorithms
    • Add algorithm suggestion based on historical data
    • Add more algorithms [TBD]
  • High-Dimensional Visualization
    • Make UMAP visualization with predefined parameters on data
    • Add anomaly-wise and class-wise coloring of visualized data
    • UMAP Grid Search for optimal hyperparameters
    • Add continuous anomaly-wise and class-wise colorings
    • Add counterfactuals and closest neighbours
    • Add ability to isolate subset of points
    • Add image support
  • Batch-Checks
    • Monitoring batches of tabular data with a set of researched metrics
    • Add support for image data type
  • Root Cause
    • Performance fixes