Model contract

In this page we’ve defined all possible values for certain type of fields of different manifests.

kind: Model

kind: Model
        shape: scalar
        type: int32
        profile: numeric
  experiment: "demo" 
Field Definition Type Type Description
shape Describes the shape of the input/output tensor. scalar Single element
-1 Arbitrary shape
1, 2, 3, … Any positive number
type Describes the data type of incoming tensor. bool Boolean.
string String in bytes.
half, float16 16-bit half-precision floating-point.
float32 32-bit single-precision floating-point.
double, float64 64-bit double-precision floating-point.
uint8 8-bit unsigned integer.
uint16 16-bit unsigned integer.
uint32 32-bit unsigned integer.
uint64 64-bit unsigned integer.
int8 8-bit signed integer.
int16 16-bit signed integer.
int32 32-bit signed integer.
int64 64-bit signed integer.
qint8 Quantized 8-bit signed integer.
quint8 Quantized 8-bit unsigned integer.
qint16 Quantized 16-bit signed integer.
quint16 Quantized 16-bit unsigned integer.
complex64 64-bit single-precision complex.
complex128 128-bit double-precision complex.
profile Describes the nature of the data. text Monitoring such fields will be done with text-oriented algorithms.
image Monitoring such fields will be done with image-oriented algorithms.
numerical Monitoring such fields will be done with numerical-oriented algorithms.