Mist creates and orchestrates Apache Spark contexts automatically. Every job is run in a context. In fact context describes a named Spark context and Mist settings for this Spark context.

Contexts may be created using mist-cli or http-api. Also, there is special default context. It may be configured only using mist-configuration file. It’s goal to setup default values for all context, so for creating a new context it isn’t required to define values for all its fields.


Key Default Meaning
sparkConf empty settings for a [spark](
maxJobs 1 amount of jobs executed in parallel
workerMode exclusive
  • exclusive - starts new worker for every job invocation
  • shared - reuses worker between several jobs
maxConnFailures 5 allowed amount of worker crushes before context will be switched into `broken` state (it fails all incoming requests until context settings is updated).
runOptions "" additional command line arguments for building spark-submit command to start worker, e.x: pass `--jars`
streamingDuration 1s spark streaming duration
precreated false if true starts worker immediately, if false await first job start requests before starting worker *NOTE*: works only with `shared` workerMode
downtime infinity idle-timeout for `shared` worker