Reactive API

For reactive api mist supports MQTT and Kafka. You can run jobs and consume job-event from Mist. By default it is turned off. Check out configuration to see how to turn it on.

Run-job request is json message and should has following format:

  "functionId": "functionId",
  "parameters": {"foo": "bar"}, // job arguments
  "externalId": "myId" // optional

Then you can listen publish-topic to catch events from the job

Lifecycle events

There were several async interfaces described bellow, that can be used to track lifecycle events from jobs. All events have 2 required fields: event, id, and some of them provide more:

  "event": "event-name",
  "id": "job id"
  • initialized - job has been assigned to invocation, also returns all job parameters
  • queued - job has been queued (wait before worker assign job)
  • job-file-downloading - worker is downloading job artifact
  • started - job has been sent to worker
  • cancelling - user sent cancel request
  • cancelled - job has been canceled by user
  • finished- job has been finished successfully, also has result field
  • failed - job has been finished unsuccessfully, also has error field
  • logs - job produced some log messages

Events fromat TODO: describe all events


For new UI there is a websocket interface for listening to lifecycle events from jobs Events are sent to the client to the following paths:

  • /v2/api/ws - subscribe to all events from mist
  • /v2/api/jobs/{id}/ws - subscribe to events from particular job